Still Life Photography

We photograph still life subjects for advertising, catalogues and brochures, technical reference, natural history or simply as fine art - though the approach we use when shooting for these different purposes varies considerably, whether it's photographed in studio or on location..

For still life images which are taken from a fine art perspective, we will often take a more abstract approach - a view of the subject which is unusual and intriguing, often using directional light to accentuate shape and form. We can complete the artistic effect with black and white conversion or enhancement processes in the digital darkroom. Even the most mundane everyday subjects can be made to look extraordinary, when focusing on details such as texture and colour.

Fur other purposes e.g. product photography the still life subject is usually photographed in a true to life manner, ensuring the colours are true and the subject is bright and evenly lit, ensuring essential details can be seen.

Whatever the intended purpose of the image, a still life subject requires detailed scrutiny and consideration prior to pressing the shutter. The subject has to be perfectly positioned and free of distracting elements. We very carefully consider lighting, composition and depth of field with relation to the texture, shape and form of the subject matter.

We undertake photography of food, products, sculpture, jewellery, toys, mechanical parts, machines and natural objects such as flowers and plants - whatever your requirement.

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